OFFSIDE reveals the human tragedy of a country torn apart by war from the perspective of two football teams. The two teams FK Qarabag Agdam and FK Karabakh Stepanakert symbolize the conflict in and around Nagorno-Karabakh region in the South Caucasus.

Status: Undocumented

‘Status: Undocumented’ is a project in progress in which I am photographing the everyday life of five illegal migrants living in different European capitals.

Our life

Inspired by the fact that we only hear news on bomb attacks in Baghdad I was wondering how the ‘common’ people in Iraq are doing. How do these people live, how do they deal with security issues, with the lost of their beloved once and how do they see their future.

Serbian Diary: 2004 / 2009

Serbian Diary: A series of unexpected events somewhere on an outside spectator’s horizon in the Balkans. This diary shows desire, dreams, memories, recognition and rock and roll punk in Serbia and Kosovo.

Zimbabwe Exodus

In the autumn of 2007 I travelled to Southern Africa to make a story about the Zimbabwean exodus. Earlier that year I found out through a report by the ICRC that 5000 Zimbabwean refugees on daily base fled illegally to South Africa, escaping the economic, political and social regime of Mugabe. For me this number of 5000 was pure disbelief, how many days will it take for a country to be empty? These figures and facts, this unbelievable are for me in general the trigger to make a story. Zimbabwe Exodus shows on one hand why these migrants made this treacherous journey, it shows why they left Zimbabwe. On the other hand Zimbabwe Exodus shows the reality of being an illegal migrant in South Africa.


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